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Student Guide


Semester System

Nagaland University has introduced the Semester System with effect from July 2012. Under the semester system, students must pass both the internal assessment and the external exams. The minimum pass mark for both is 45% for Pass Course and 55% for Honours Course. They must also achieve a minimum of 68 contact-hours in each subject of 4 Credits, each semester. This has made regular attendance a critical component, and students cannot expect to neglect their attendance and studies hoping to ‘make up’ during final exams as earlier. The Semester sessions are January – June and July – December, every year.

Class Attendance
A minimum of 80% attendance shall be necessary for all students to be able to sit for their Semester exams. From every class, an Award for “Best Attendance” is given every Semester.

The College has a well stocked library. Students are encouraged to make full use of the books and journals available. However, they are also expected to take good care of the materials without loss or damage.

It is a bi-annual publication of the college, entitled as the “Colours of C-Edge”. Prism is a platform where writers and readers, students and teachers alike can exchange their views, showcase their concerns, aspirations and strengthen the tie that binds them together as C-Edge family.

Information & Communication Technology (ICIT)

We have wi-fi and computer facilities for both students and teachers. They can use this as per college Rules, for their studies and assignments.

What kind of dress am I expected to wear ?
Students are expected to dress cleanly and decently. Students should observe the prescribed dress code when they come to college for lectures, examinations and for official functions.

Can I use my cell phone ?
Not within the class rooms. Confiscated phones shall be returned only at the end of the term.

Co-curricular and Extra-Curricular activities
NSS, Literary & Cultural Clubs/Activities, Environmental Club, Arts & Drama, Games & Sports. Career Guidance, Value Education, Leadership training, Debates & Elocution, Life Skills etc.

Mentoring is an integral component of C-Edge. Our team of committed faculty act as mentors to each student and strive to identify, draw and develop the best of their talents.

Student Ministry
With the Evangelical Union, we have a vibrant student ministry. The C-Edge EU trains up the student to be not just educated persons but fine human beings who know the Lord and their responsibility, and who will be “disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ, and that they may serve God and Society”.

Hostel Facility
Limited hostel seats within the college campus are available for both boys and girls.

We are conveniently located along the Central Jail, Referral Hospital – Niuland Road, 2.5km from the 4th Mile NH 29 (AH-1) junction. Students can conveniently get bus or line auto from this junction. The College also offer bus service from important points to the college.