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Sl Name Designation
1  Er. Moa Aier, B.E(E), MBA (Sydney) President
2 Dr. K.Chuba Ao (IAS), M.Sc, Ph.D Member
3 Prof. Dr. Imnayongdang, M.Sc (Geology), Ph.D Member
4 Mr. Imsa Naga, Dip. in Civil Engg. Dip in Computer Applications (Kolkata) Member
5 Mr. A.M. Toshi, M.A (NEHU) Member
6 Rev. Dr. Mar Atsongchanger, B.D (ETC), M.Th (UTC), M.A (Publishing) Oxford UK, D.Min (Serampore) Member
7 Mr. K.G.Kenye, B.A (NEHU) Member
8 Rev. Wati Longkumer, B.A , B.D, M.Th (Singapore) Member
9 Dr. Sünep Imchen, B.Vsc. & AH, NDPVM (IVRA) Member
10 Representative from Nagaland University Member
11 Representative from Dept of H.E Member
12 Mr. Dingupe Lasuh, Asstt. Professor (Faculty Representative) Member
13 Mrs. Amenla Moa, BRE Bangalore. Administrator Member
14 Dr. Chubatola Aier, M.A (English), PG(ELT), Ph.D, Principal Member Secretary




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Message from the President

C-Edge College, a Christian college, was born with a Vision and a Mission. A vision for social transformation through education, and a mission for imparting quality education.

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Message from the Principal

Education being one of the single most critical components for all forms of social empowerment, progress and development, it is our vision that with our students as partners, C-Edge College shall play a pivotal role towards delivering that kind of quality education required for sustainable and holistic development of the state and society at large....

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