Area Distinctive to Vision

The details of the performance of the institution in one area distinctive to its vision, priority and thrust


The C-Edge College represent the vision to build and engage in an educational environment that believes in imparting the best quality education within the society, in which it can play a major role in enabling the students to form a ‘Cutting Edge’ mind set, required for sustainable development and in molding the students towards a better future. The ‘C’ also represents Christ; therefore the vision of the College is also to impart education that is Christ-centered.

The C-Edge College Mission is delivering quality education for:

  • Poverty Alleviation and Sustainable Development.
  • Community Participation and Leadership.
  • Values and Life Skill Education.
  • Centre for Language Development and Documentation.
  • Fostering Creativity and its Expression.


With this Vision and Mission in mind, the ideal objective of the C-Edge College is to enable the flowering of the potential and to inculcate knowledge and skills for productive living.  Thus, based on its mission for poverty alleviation and sustainable development, the one area that the college wants to focus which is distinctive to its vision, priority and thrust is the continuous implementation of the BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration) programme. To be noted, Management subject was introduced in Nagaland University only in the year 2006 and there were only one or two colleges under Nagaland University (NU) that had introduced BBA course.

Even till date, there are only three colleges in Nagaland under NU that is imparting BBA course (The third college, only from 2017-18 sessions). Most of the people still have the notion that studying management course will only led to working in private companies which does not appeal to most because of their desires to work in secure government jobs. Thus, even the enrollment of the colleges gets affected. Even so, C-Edge College with its mission for economic development and value education to the younger generation continues to dynamically teach the management course. Even at the present times, there are many who are still not aware of the management course and subjects.

Therefore from a purely financial perspective, running the BBA course which has comparatively much lesser applicants is a loss-making program. After introducing the course, some institutes have even closed down the program on this account. In fact, the College during the first two years 2012-13 and 2013-14, could not enroll any students for the BBA, but had to maintain the faculty and its financial cost. However as cited above, taking a larger perspective in the long term interest of the society and its development, the College has continued to press forward. We are convinced that this is a making a difference in the education sector in Nagaland and contributing for a more productive society.

In the four years of implementing BBA course, it has tremendously changed the outlook of the management students who have graduated with a new perspective on career and profession, way beyond what most of the citizens here strives for. With businesses and entrepreneurships making waves all around the country, the management course is able to motivate and bring the spirit of venturing and enterprising among not only the management students but also the students in other disciplines. With all that in mind, C-Edge College is proud to be one of the only three colleges to impart management education with the audacity to usher in social and economic changes.