We have an active and vibrant Alumni Association. Through this Association, the bond between our graduates and the College continues to be strongly maintained.

The C-Edge College Alumni Association (CECAA) has been formed with the following main objectives;

In order to promote and add value to the Institution from which we have graduated, and in order to positively contribute towards its continued improvement and growth.

The mission of the CECAA will be to advance the Vision and Mission of the College and to promote collegiality among the graduates, faculty and staff of the same. It will strive to enrich the students’ learning experience and also to promote activities which would further the visibility and prominence of C-Edge College.

The Association shall also work with other like-minded Voluntary Organisations (VOs) and NGOs of similar aims and objective.

The members shall be responsible for the administration of the Association. The Association is a voluntary, non-governmental, autonomous, non-profit and a non-political organization.

Our Alumni may contact:

Ms. Alila Ao

Alumni Coordinator

Asst Professor & HoD

Department of History.