The Research Committee was formed in July 2016 under the guidance of Principal Dr. Chubatola Aier with the first Convenor of the Committee Mr. Praveen Patrick Dukpa along with three other faculty members namely, Ms. Wapanginla Ao, Ms. Limongi Khuvung and Ms. Alice Donna.

The objectives of the Committee are as follows:

  • To encourage faculty members to pursue research studies.
  • To promote departmental and inter departmental research.
  • To organise and conduct research based and related activities and events.
  • To produce research publications.
  • To create and inculcate research culture in the College.

At present, the Research and Publication Committee formed in the month of March 2022 comprised of the following members:

  1. Ms. Neikerheno Secu, Assistant Professor, Department of Education as Convenor.
  2. Ms. Yimwapangla, Assistant Professor, Department of English as Member.
  3. Mr. Shiva Dey, Assistant Professor, Department of Management Studies as Member.
  4. Dr. Chubatola Aier, Principal, Ex-Officio Member.