About Us

C-Edge College, established in 2012 is a premier co-educational institution, ideally located at the outskirt of Dimapur and is well-connected to the city and other important places in the state. The college had a humble beginning with one single storey building and handful of students. Presently, the campus encompasses of a three storey academic building, the Principal’s quarter, a basket-ball court and ample green lush space for future development. The college also has its extension campus 4.5 km away from the main campus, for vocational and skill development programs.

C-Edge is an abbreviated form of Cutting-Edge. The term ‘Cutting-Edge’ visualises such outcomes not only in terms of an adequate arrival, but to be participants in the most advanced and exciting developments in a field. It also means to gain a leading edge, an advantage. C-Edge College thus presents the Vision to build and engage in an educational environment which enables its students towards the formation of a ‘cutting-edge’ mind-set. We believe that the human mind must first ‘Aspire’ and reach the ‘cutting-edge’ frontier before we can actually set out to achieve any goal within the realm of excellence.

Recognition, Affiliations & Accreditation:

  • Recognised by Govt. of Nagaland vide No. HTE/HE/16-2/2009
  • Affiliated to Nagaland University vide No. NU-CDC/C-61/2011-193
  • Recognised by UGC under Section 2(f) and 12(B) vide F.No. 8-303/2013 (CPP-1/C) and F.No.8-542/2019 (CPP-1/C)
  • Accredited Grade B by NAAC on 2017


19th May (Estd: 2012)


Our motto is “Aspire”. We would challenge every one of our students and members to ‘Aspire’ – aspire in whichever way they would like to see changes and improvement, and act upon that aspiration.


The theme of the college is “Justice”. This is the underlying core common denominator against which all our actions, values and ethics would be practiced.

VISION Statement:

We believe that education is one of the single most critical components for all forms of social empowerment, progress and development. Hence the pace and quality of the empowerment, progress and development of the people shall depend upon the quality of education imparted within the society.

We believe that C-Edge College should and can play a major role in our society today, towards delivering that kind of quality education required for sustainable and holistic development.

OUR MISSION – Quality Education for;

  • Poverty alleviation & sustainable development.
  • Community participation and leadership.
  • Values and life skills education.
  • Centre for language development & documentation.
  • Fostering creativity and its expression.


The principles of work and ethics are taught under this program. Such ethics are based on the Biblical principle of “If any man would not work, neither should he eat”. In C-Edge College, we believe in the principles of such work ethos for a better and progressive society.


To ever Aspire to act beyond the Common reach

To the call of Love and Duty;

To ever seek and deal in Truth, Justice and Equality,

And to ever be True to my God, my Country and my People.



It’s not easy to fulfill our Dreams (to fulfill)

So just listen to the voice of God (voice of God) He’ll give you the desire of your heart

He’ll give you the desire of your heart


Believe in Him (Believe only on Jesus)

He’ll lead you (He will lead you to the right way) To the whole World

He’ll make you high and great

With His power, you reach out to the World

His works are powerful and can change the world And we know, nobody can stop, the power of God.

Let this College be the centre like a fountain

Let this College be a life moulding place

And we know many people will

Have their good future

Bridge – No matter what the World says God has a purpose

People may renounce our ways No matter God is there

(Words & lyrics ©2012 by: Mr. Sadem, Youth Director, Naga United Village Ao Baptist Church, and presented as a special number by the composer and friends, during the College inaugural on 19th May 2012)